What are Featured Plans and how do I use/update them?

Updated 23 hours ago by Steven Todd Smith

Your Plan Dashboard now includes a third category, in addition to your Weekly and Custom plans: Featured Plans. These Featured Plans will showcase special occasion- and chef/recipe creator-curated meal plans to enjoy.

Throughout the year you'll see different Featured Plans come and go. Add and swap recipes as you normally do to customize yours further! (You can include up to 12 recipes per day.)

To save one for future use, click the three dots in the upper right corner of your Plan Dashboard to "Save as Custom Plan." The saved Featured Plan will then be available in your Custom dropdown menu.

If you make any preference changes (general serving size, intolerances, etc.), you will have to click "Reset Plan" to update your Featured Plan. This meal plan will be restored to its default configuration, reflecting the most recent preference changes. Any customizations will be lost, so please take note before resetting.

P.S. Mobile app users can currently find the Featured menu in their main Plans dropdown.

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