What does Premium membership include?

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When you upgrade to Premium membership, you’ll join our growing community of members and gain full access to all of the Meal Planner’s features.

Premium members receive:

  • A whole-food, plant-based meal plan every week (based on your preference settings)
  • A weekend prep and grocery list to save you time in the kitchen and at the store
  • Brand-new recipes, purpose-designed by our chefs to be on your table in 35 minutes or less
  • Access to the entire Recipe Box, which contains more than 1000 quick and easy recipes (with more added weekly)
  • Ability to input personal recipes, upload recipes from the main FOK website, and create custom saved meal plans
  • Access to a VIP Facebook group for ongoing support and encouragement.
  • Unlimited support from our team.

If you’d like to explore the various upgrade options you can do so here.

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