What if I'd like to lose weight?

Updated by Steven Todd Smith

While this Meal Planner is not designed specifically with weight loss in mind, many people lose weight when eating this way, if they are overweight when they make the lifestyle change (https://www.forksoverknives.com/success-stories/). This is because whole plant-based foods are typically high in nutrients while being low in calories. 

In general, you may want to limit high-fat ingredients (nuts, avocado, tahini, etc.) or swap in lower-calorie meals (swapping out whole grain pasta, bread, pizza, etc.). Some additional substitutions: using zucchini or sweet potato noodles instead of whole grain pasta, lettuce or collard green wraps instead of whole grain bread, cauliflower rice instead of whole grain rice.

In your Recipe Box search bar, we recommend using the search term "lighter fare" for some lower calorie options.

To learn more about the concept of calorie density and read up on tips for healthy weight loss, please check out the following articles: 




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