A recipe tasted bland. What can I do?

Updated by India McCormick

Besides recipes for baked goods, we will not typically provide a measure for salt and pepper, as many people following this diet are seeking a low-sodium plan. The amount of salt and pepper you add to a dish should be adjusted to suit your personal goals and taste buds. Unless instructed otherwise by a medical professional, feel free to salt to taste.

If you are making a soup or stew and want to play with the seasoning, simply ladle a bit of soup into a separate bowl, adjust the seasoning and taste until you achieve the desired balance without risking the whole pot.

If you are transitioning from a standard Western diet, you may find that your taste buds adjust over time and you find yourself satisfied with less salt. At the early stages, we recommend seasoning as much as needed to enjoy your food, as that’s why we’re here—to make this way of eating sustainable in the long term and better yet, pleasurable!

If you have prepared a dish and the flavors just aren’t right and need an emergency fix, check out this article for more on how to rescue a dish that has taken a left turn when there are hungry mouths to feed! One of our members in the Meal Planner Facebook group also posted this handy tip, which we recommend reading.

In the meantime, please rate the recipe, and we’ll keep working to revisit and retest our recipes, as well as create new ones for you to try.

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