(I need help!) Join an FMP Walkthrough Webinar 😊

Updated by Steven Todd Smith

If you just started your Forks Meal Planner premium subscription and aren't sure how to best navigate all of the beneficial features and recipes...

If you need a refresher on how to use certain parts of your Forks Meal Planner to the fullest, for your most accessible and convenient meal planning experience...

Please join our Welcome Walkthrough Webinar! Our Customer Success Manager, Steven, will take you through your Forks Meal Planner, showing you the ins and outs of all features, providing tips and suggestions, and answering questions to ensure your meal planning success.

Sign up here! If you cannot attend a webinar live, no worries. Sign up and you will still receive a video replay to view anytime.

Keep us posted with other scheduling preferences and recommendations too, for our team's review and potential future options 😊

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