How do I filter my recipe search? / What is "More Filters?"

Updated by Steven Todd Smith

In addition to entering keywords in the Recipe Box search bar, you may use the "More Filters" button to filter your recipes further by different categories.

Once your "More Filters" toolbar is opened, you'll have multiple filter options to use:

(1) My Favorites or Personal Recipes: features the recipes you have Favorited (🖤) and manually inputted

(2) Meal Type: you can select the type of meal (breakfasts, lunches & dinners, desserts, etc.) that you'd like to view

(3) Sort By: the default setting will show recipes by "Newest First," though you can adjust the sorting method by oldest recipes first, prep time, highest rated, and alphabetical

(4) Rating: sort through recipes based on their subscriber star rating, to see the full library of options all the way through the most selective top-rated meals

(5) Duration: view recipes based on their general cook/prep time (please note that this is the cook/prep time after Weekend Prep is done)

(6) Additional Filters: you can find "Kid Approved" recipes for kid/family-friendly options (labeled by subscribers) and "No Weekend Prep" for recipes that don't include prior/recommended prep

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