What if I am allergic to a specific food or want to avoid a certain food?

Updated 4 months ago by Steven Todd Smith

The Meal Planner currently offers three intolerance settings that can be activated within your account: soy, gluten, and nuts. If you turn any of these settings on, your recipes will not include these types of foods.

Good news! Forks Meal Planner has been designed to be as customizable as possible so you can personalize your meal plans to suit your needs and preferences.

If you want to avoid a specific food (e.g. mushrooms), you can easily swap out any meals containing mushrooms and replace them with a different recipe from your Recipe Box archive.

You may choose to omit the ingredients/foods directly from the recipe, as long as they are not the base ingredients of the recipe. Substituting them with similar foods that you prefer works too.

When searching the Recipe Box, you can type -ingredient name to find all recipes that don’t include that ingredient. For example,

-eggplant -potato -tomato

will filter out recipes that contain any of those three ingredients in your search results.

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