Which brands have oil-free options?

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There are many options for oil-free tortillas, breads, sauces, etc. We've listed the brands we're aware of below (if you know others let us know)!

Veggie Broths

  • Kitchen Basics Unsalted Vegetable Cooking Stock
  • Pacific Organic Vegetable Broth (Simply Stock)
  • Health Valley Fat-Free Vegetable Broth
  • More Than Gourmet Classic Vegetable Stock

Bread & Tortillas

  • Alvarado St. Bakery - Sprouted Wheat Sourdough, Sprouted Wheat Rye Seed Bread, Sprouted wheat Cinnamon Raisin Bread, Sprouted Wheat Everything Bagels, Sprouted Wheat Bagels, Sprouted Wheat Onion Poppyseed Bagels, Sprouted Wheat Sesame Seed Bagels,
  • Dave's Killer Bread - 21 Whole Grains & Seeds, Good Seed, Powerseed
  • Food for Life/Ezekiel - All breads (excluding gluten-free varieties), buns, and English muffins, pitas, Sprouted Whole Grain Tortillas, Taco Size Sprouted Whole Grain Tortillas, Sprouted Corn Tortillas, 
  • Great Harvest Bread Company - Honeywhole, Dakota, Cinnamon Chip, High 5 Fiber, Autumn Apple, Everything
  • Sprouts Whole Wheat Bagels - Sprouts San Francisco Sourdough Bread, Sprouts Baby Boule Bread, Sprouts Multi Grain Bread, Sprouts Ciabatta Bread, Sprouts Nine Grain Bread, Sprouts Honey Whole Wheat Bread, Sprouts Seedsational Bread, Sprouts Rustic Italian Bread, Sprouts Garlic Batard Bread
  • Manna Organics (all varieties)
  • Mission Corn Tortillas
  • Raquelitas Tortillas (Formerly Sandwich Petals)
  • Trader Joe's - Everything Ciabatta Rolls, Organic French Baguette, Corn Tortillas
  • Mestemacher Bread (all US organic whole-grain products)
  • Mi Rancho - Organic Corn Tortillas, Organic Corn Tortilla Sliders, Organic THINcredibles Thin Corn Tortillas, Non-GMO White Corn Tortillas, 
  • La Gloria Corn Tortillas (?)
  • Ian's Whole Wheat Panko Breadcrumbs

Crackers & Chips

  • Edward & Sons Crackers - Organic Unsalted Plain Baked Brown Rice Snaps®, Unsalted Sesame Baked Brown Rice Snaps®, Black Sesame Baked Brown Rice Snaps®,Tamari Seaweed Baked Brown Rice Snaps®, Tamari Sesame Baked Brown Rice Snaps®
  • Lundberg - Organic Brown Rice Cakes, Organic Wild Rice Cakes, Organic Tamari with Seaweed Rice Cakes, Organic Kettle Corn Rice Cakes, Organic Thin Stackers® - Salt-Free, Organic Thin Stackers® - Red Rice & Quinoa, Organic Thin Stackers® - Lightly Salted, Organic Thin Stackers® - Cracked Black Pepper, Organic Thin Stackers® - Basil & Thyme, Organic Thin Stackers® - 5 Grain
  • Mary's Gone Original Crackers (all varieties) and Super Seed Crackers (all varieties)
  • Ryvita Crispbread Crackers (all varieties)
  • Wasa Crispbreads - Sourdough, Whole Grain 
  • Manischewitz Whole-Wheat Matzos, Manischewitz Organic Spelt Matzo
  • Streit's Whole-Wheat Matzos
  • Yehuda Matzos
  • Hol-Grain Crackers - HOL-GRAIN® Brown Rice Crackers Lightly Salted, HOL-GRAIN® Brown Rice Crackers w/Sesame Seeds Lightly Salted, HOL-GRAIN® Brown Rice Crackers Onion & Garlic, HOL-GRAIN® Brown Rice Crackers No Salt, 
  • GG Scandinavian Bran Crispbread - GG Scandinavian Fiber Crispbread, GG Gluten-Free Multiseed
  • Finn Crisps - Thins (all varieties), Crispbreads (all varieties)

Marinara Sauces

  • DeLallo Marinara Sauce - DeLallo Pomodoro Fresco Fat-Free Marinara Sauce, DeLallo Fat-Free Marinara Sauce
  • Muir Glen - Tomato Sauce, Tomato Sauce No Salt Added, Chunky Tomato Sauce (just add Italian seasoning and garlic powder!)
  • Prego Light Smart Traditional Pasta Sauce
  • Pomi Tomato Sauce (just add Italian seasoning and garlic powder!)
  • 365 Everyday Value Organic Pasta Sauce, Marinara - Fat Free,
  • Lucini - Tuscan Marinara Organic Sauce
  • SimplyNature Marinara Pasta Sauce
  • Gefen Tomato Sauce No Salt 
  • Trader Giatto’s Pizza Sauce

Barbecue Sauces

  • Stubb's (except Smokey Mesquite and Sweet Honey & Spice)
  • Annie’s - Organic Sweet & Spicy BBQ Sauce
  • Organicville - Original BBQ Sauce, Tangy BBQ Sauce

Hummus & Dips

  • Oil-Free Roots Hummus (all varieties)
  • Cedars Fat-Free & Oil-Free Original Hummus 
  • Nacheez Dairy-Free Nacho Sauce
  • Sahara Cuisine - Original Hummus, Roasted Garlic Hummus, Sweet Roasted Red Pepper Hummus, Baba Ghannooj, Spinach Hummus, Extra Garlic Hummus, Vegetable Hummus, Mediterranean Spice Hummus, Scallion Hummus, Lemon Hummus, Tomato & Basil Hummus, Black Bean Dip
  • Oasis Hummus - All Classic Flavor Hommus (excluding Olive Bruschetta), Whipped Hommus, and Zero Fat Dips

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