How can I refer a friend?

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Our generous Refer-a-Friend program will pay you $15 for every new friend who signs up for the Meal Planner as a full member. To get started, look for the “Share and Earn!” link (located in the Meal Planner sidebar on desktop/tablet computers).

The following terms and conditions apply to our Refer-a-Friend program:

Please don't

  • Run any paid promotion using your link (for instance, using Google Adwords or Facebook ads). Doing so is prohibited; you will be removed from the program and all commissions will be canceled.
  • Impersonate or represent yourselves as Forks Meal Planner or Forks Over Knives.

Please do:

  • Share your link with your family and friends, coworkers, and friends of friends.
  • Post your link freely on social media/Twitter/Facebook.
  • Embed any of the advertisements that we provide in the Referral Portal on your blog or website.
  • Write genuine reviews of the service on your blog or website and include your referral link. (Please be sure to mention that you may earn a commission from clicks on your link.)
  • Use your link when recommending the Meal Planner to clients/professional colleagues. If you anticipate having a very large audience, please get in touch as we may have another program that will be better suited to you.

For a full list of our terms and conditions, please see here.

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